A range that’s second to none

We can supply all of your tooling needs from a single threading insert to a turnkey package for your Lathe or Mill. We supply tooling & associated products from:

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We supply:

Sumitomo, Safety, Arno : Inserts and tool holders for turning, milling, boring, drilling, spindle tooling, grooving, parting off.

Posi-thread : Threading inserts and tool holders. Thread milling, grooving, specials.

Gauges: Standard plug & ring gauges.  Specials and custom made-to-order.  UKAS and Conformity Certificates provided on request.

Horn : Grooving, boring, threading inserts & holders. Precision grooving for milling, turning etc.

Spindle tooling : Full range of spindle tooling: Straight shank, ISO, BT, CAT, ANSI, R8, pull studs, drill chucks, sidelock holders, hydraulic chucks.

S.G.S. : Milling cutters in solid carbide, carbide drills. Imperial or metric.

O.S.G. : Threading tools. Taps, dies, thread rolling drills cutters etc.

ACT : Parting-off and Grooving, sliding head applications, Mircona and Nine9.

Curtis Lubricants : Chlorine free coolant, special oils for gear cutting, tapping, broaching, etc.

Norton Abrasives : The full range of Norton products, including wheels and belts.

Titex Prototyp : Drills and taps.

Guhring : Drills, taps, cutters and tool holders.

Machining ranges

Boring: Bars from 0.3mm dia to 60mm shank.

Drilling: From 0.3mm solid carbide. 1mm with thro’ coolant and up to 80mm u drills.

Milling: From 1mm ball nose to 600mm face mill.

Threading. From 4 mm Dia. internal to any external. ACME, ISO, WHIT, NPT, BSP, OIL, BUTTRESS, TRAPEZOIDAL, UN, BA, PG, and ROUND.

Grooving: From 0.5mm to 12mm wide, full radius, up to 18mm deep, thread undercuts.

Turning: From zero to 16mm radius inserts.

Lubricants: Coolants, oils for tapping, broaching, gear cutting etc.

You use tooling. We sell tooling. Call us now on 0118 973 1212 or email sales@tbs247.co.uk.

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